Capitalism Hits Home: How Disconnection Harms Us


[S5 E21] New

In this episode of Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Fraad speaks on the value of connection for our emotional, political, psychological and social lives as human beings. We’re seeing more and more disconnection as the pandemic draws on, remote work increases, and our state fails to take care of our needs. Connection is...READ MORE

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Dr. Fraad on The Dark Room: Capitalism and Loneliness

HF_The_Dark_Room.pngDr. Fraad joins Paul Salvatori from The Dark Room podcast to talk about the much under-discussed connection between capitalism and loneliness. 

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Empowering the Vote: Capitalism, Racism, and Caste Hit Home with Dr. Harriett Fraad

The Anti Racism Action Group of the Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist presents: A stimulating discussion with Dr. Harriet Fraad, a noted therapist, author, activist, and feminist, who speaks on how capitalism transforms our personal and political lives.

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Capitalism Hits Home: Family - A Feminist, Class Analysis


[S5 E20] New

In this episode of Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Fraad traces the history of the traditional family unit and offers a class analysis of how it has shifted and evolved since the 1700s. Fraad discusses the feudal arrangement of families, the impact of...READ MORE

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Capitalism Hits Home: Individualism is a Capitalist Deception


[S5 E19] New

In this episode of Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Fraad argues against capitalist values like individualism and freedom. Too often those in charge, the "great male heroes,” receive all the credit for achievements built on the backs of so many. Fraad suggests that freedom through connection, gratitude for those who...READ MORE

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