Capitalism Hits Home: George Floyd and the Eruption of American Rage- Part 1


[S2 E10] New

On this part 1 of 2, America is a powder keg waiting to explode from 50 years of a class war in which we became...READ MORE

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Capitalism Hits Home: What Is Essential: Profit or Life Itself?


[S2 E09] New

On this part 1 of 2, Dr. Fraad explores the question of values. Do we value the lives of the workers who...READ MORE

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Misery Makers The arch-goons of private equity

TheBaffler_HF_032020.pngAminah Shourbaji

This article originally appeared at theBaffler.

How could the event not have made an impression on young Spanfeller, fresh from college? How could anyone who truly wanted to become a writer watch that happen, then years later do the very same to others? “Maybe the lesson he learned is either you do that, or it’s done to you,” Dr. Harriet Fraad, a mental health counselor and a founder of the journal Rethinking Marxism, told me over the phone in December. A young man new to the workplace might think, “don’t fight ‘em, join ‘em. This is how it works . . . I think he may figure, ‘OK, I’m going to survive and that’s all that counts.’”

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David Feldman Show: "Mask Not What You Can Do For Your Country"


Dr. Harriet Fraad joins The David Feldman Show to talk about the current COVID-19 crisis.

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Capitalism Hits Home: COVID Disaster and US Family Life in Trump Capitalism - Part 2


[S2 E08] New

In this part 2 of 2, Dr. Fraad continues her discussion of the way the Corona Virus is managed in the US and...READ MORE

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