Capitalism Hits Home: Is the Nuclear Family An Eternal Ubiquitous Way of Organizing Personal Life?

[S07 E01]

In this episode of "Capitalism Hits Home," Dr. Harriet Fraad examines the intersection of the faltering American economy and the breakdown of traditional family structures. The discussion challenges narratives placing blame on individuals, particularly critiquing the tendency to scapegoat white men for societal shifts, and emphasizes the systemic issues of corporate greed. Fraad delves into the repercussions for children, highlighting the prevalence of poverty and hunger. Drawing comparisons with France, the episode explores historical factors like anti-communism and an authoritarian family structure as barriers to collective action in the U.S. Despite these challenges, there is optimism in the growing unionization efforts across various sectors, with a vision for a unified movement driving societal change. READ MORE

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Capitalism Hits Home: U.S. Empire Falls. Families Fail. Why?

[S6 E11]

All Empires rise and fall. America's empire is no exception. We need to admit it. To make Americans' lives better, we could start with cutting the military budget, and not just because we can, but because we should. READ MORE

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Capitalism Hits Home: Alternative Family Structures are Not New

[S6 E11] New

Socialist visions of communal shared domestic labor and child rearing have existed in the past and exist in the present. In 1917 following the Russian Revolution the government changed the rules and created a domestic revolution. At the turn of the century in the United States over 200 large and established socialist communes existed. Domestic revolution was then considered a valuable means of revolutionary change. READ MORE

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Capitalism Hits Home: Capitalism’s Impact on Our Personal Lives

[S06 E10] Capitalism’s Impact on Our Personal Lives

In this episode of Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Fraad continues speaking about the impacts of a corrupt capitalism system on mental health and personal lives. READ MORE

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Capitalism Hits Home: BRICS & The End of US Dominance

[S6 E09] New

In this episode of Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Fraad discusses the decline of the American empire, both globally and domestically. After WWII, the US was the only industrialized nation that stood strong, helping it ascend to global dominance. Today, however, the world order is shifting. The BRICS economic alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) is extremely powerful and widespread, with over 19 more countries hoping to... READ MORE

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