Capitalism Hits Home: Capitalism & Patriarchy - Cuomo, Cosby, Weinstein & Epstein


[S04 E08] New

Capitalism is a class system of a small employer class making profit from the labor of a huge class of employees, who depend on employers for survival. Patriarchy is a system in which men are entitled to appropriate services from women who are considered less than fully human. Both systems...READ MORE

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It's Not Just In Your Head: America's wretched history and getting "unstuck" (w/ Bob Hennelly)


Dr. Fraad speaks with Bob Hennelly about America's wretched history and getting "unstuck." 

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Capitalism Hits Home: The Labor History We Need to Celebrate - The One We Never Hear About


[S04 E07] New

In the episode of CHH, Dr. Fraad talks about the importance of celebrating Labor, which is essential to life. But she argues that we need to go beyond and learn what our labor history is...READ MORE

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Women's Spaces: "The Contribution of Women to Fair Labor Laws"

HF_2021_09_Womens_Spaces.pngDr. Fraad joins Elaine B. Holz on Women's Spaces to talk about the history of women influencing policies affecting Labor.

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Capitalism Hits Home: Why Are 9.2 Million US Jobs Open?


[S04 E06] New

In this episode of CHH, Dr. Fraad addresses the "labor shortage" in the US today. 9.2 million jobs remain open. Republicans and Democrats differ on what to do about this supposed shortage. 44% of US workers are low pay workers constantly...READ MORE

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