Economic Update: Winds of System Change

This week on Economic Update, Professor Richard D. Wolff provides updates on big French strikes to protect workers' gains, rising sub-prime loans, students pay more as states pay less for public tuition costs, West Virginia teachers strikes...READ MORE

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Economic Update: Winds of Economic Change

This week's episode of Economic Update features updates from Professor Wolff on the West Virginia teachers strike, Trump’s detrimental tariffs, how and why Germany is...READ MORE

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Dr. Harriet Fraad discussing Lost Connections by Johann Hari


Dr. Harriet Fraad joins Tuesday Feb 6th, 2018 to discuss the pathologizing of conditions like depression that author and journalist Johann Hari points out in his new book Lost Connections.


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Economic Update: The System's Unwanted Results


This week on Economic Update, Professor Richard D. Wolff delivers updates on economic data hype vs reality, big capitalists gearing up to take on the healthcare capitalists, profit-driven housing rip-offs, why Saudi Arabia is...READ MORE

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The Ties That Bind Sexual Assault, Gender, and 21st-Century Capitalism


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The relationship between the three is finally exposed.

This article originally appeared at   Co-authored with Prof. Richard D Wolff.

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