Economic Update: Revolt Against Sexual Abuse


On this week's show, Prof. Richard D. Wolff provides updates on the international response to Trump’s tax plan, the impact of the GOP tax plan on U.S. graduate students, foreclosure stats and the...READ MORE

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  • Marcia Singer
    commented 2017-12-12 21:31:29 -0500
    Wonderful sleuthing into both the root causes of the sexual aberrations and violence (small and large) so prevalent in our world -our patriarchal and capitalist societies, and ideas about what must change. I’m a MeToo who advocates compassionate, non violent and for-giving responses, as well —alternatives to shaming, blaming, outraged fist shaking and retributions —although catharsis is a necessary part of the healing path, and punishment, sadly our go-to reaction in a society that doesn’t understand the roots —or heart of its pain… I’m a MeToo, 72 years old, many years of personal recovery, and 3 decades of guiding others —primarily "victims’, but knowing that perpetrators are themselves victims of a system that gives them no skills for intimacy and connection. I’ve also discovered, as a psychic/energy worker, that all acts require an ‘attraction’ of victim and victimizer: they are polar compliments of a wounded way of relating. I hope for humanity, that ‘we’ can actually reach the heart of the pain, the rape of our birthright for the brothers and sisters on Earth to have authentic, safely self-expressive, soulful connections. And a chance to learn intimacy skills —not just sexual ones —that are effective. And to forgive ourselves and others, so that we are free to build new, better, relations. That’s my bias, and my expertise —and my prayer. Thank you, thanks to Rick —I am a huge fan, and grateful you two are —who you are. Marcia Singer, Love Arts Foundation, Santa Rosa CA