Class Warfare, Alienation, & Capitalism


Lee Camp of Redacted Tonight speaks with Dr. Harriet Fraad about why there are so many white male shooters, the economics of sex work, our exploitative hierarchical system, and the socialization of women to staying silent. 

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  • Joan Moore
    commented 2018-01-27 13:03:27 -0500
    I like this interview with Lee, and particularly what you said about the justified and understandable oversensitivity of oppressed people and your illustration of brushing against an injured arm. It is only natural that responses can sometimes be excessive, but it should never detract from the overriding issues of justice and fairness.
    How true that is, and it brings to my mind how it is often blamed on Political Correctness (PC) and dismissed as unreasonable or even preposterous and counter effective.
    Some people now take a sense of pride about being Political INcorrect and consider themselves too reasonable to be guided by changing traditions and language on sensitive issues.
    I think that sets our progress back and just like the term ‘conspiracy theorists’ is designed to prevent critical thinking and to keep people (women and people of color) in their place.