Capitalism Hits Home: Why do 38% of Americans support Donald Trump? - Part 1


[S2 E14] New 

In this part 1 of 2, Dr. Fraad takes on the question of why so many Americans still support Trump...READ MORE


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  • Leernest Ruffin
    commented 2020-08-14 16:07:52 -0400
    This was one of the best presentations ever. I really appreciated your analysis and explanation of the 38%. Trump supporters are people with real concerns that are not being addressed and they are looking for a champion. It is important for each of us to turn “Hope” into a verb (action verb at that) and not see it as an inanimate noun that just sits on a shelf. The real issues that faces this country is one of class and caste. All humans are deserving of dignity and humanity.