A Conversation With Dr. Harriet Fraad—the Women’s Movement

Harriet Fraad joins Irish Granny Tarot to discuss her experiences and insights as one of the pioneers of the Second Wave Women's Movement. She clarifies the myth of bra burning during the Miss America protest, reaffirming the movement's focus on combating second-class citizenship for women rather than protesting beauty standards. Fraad shares personal stories of her family upbringing, highlighting the complex feminist views of her parents and the unique challenges she faced due to her mother's absence during early childhood. The conversation touches on famous figures in the feminist movement, noting Fraad's perspective on their contributions and controversies, such as Gloria Steinem's ties with the CIA. Looking to the future, Fraad advocates for a unified movement that includes class, gender, race, and LGBTQ rights, with hopes for strong, charismatic leaders who can champion these causes.

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