Capitalism Hits Home: The Empty Nest is Either Very Empty or Still Full


[S3 E05] New

On this week's show, Fraad and Forlano continue their discussion of Capitalism’s effect on the family but this time they discuss a specific effect...READ MORE

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Capitalism Hits Home: Lies, Lies, Lies


[S3 E04] New

The psychotic level of misinformation and untruth coming from the Trump administration, and from capitalism itself, is creating...READ MORE

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Capitalism Hits Home: US COVID Response Destroys Education, Sets Women Back Decades


[S3 E03] New

On this week's all new Capitalism Hits Home, Fraad and Forlano talk about the gender pay gap for women and how the pandemic has set women back...READ MORE

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Capitalism Hits Home: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, A Feminist Icon


[S3 E02] New

On this episode of Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Fraad and Julianna Forlano discuss the latest news items of the week: majority of Americans ages 18-29...READ MORE

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Capitalism Hits Home: Exchanging Sex for Money: The New Feminism? Cardi B's WAP Review


[S3 E01] New

In this first episode of Season 3 of CHH, Dr. Fraad and Julianna discuss 3 topics currently in the news: Trump knowledge of the dangers...READ MORE

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