Economic Update: Capitalism's (Uncounted) Health Costs

On this week's episode, Prof. Richard D. Wolff presents updates on Wonderwoman, Archbishop's critique of UK economic system, a US Labor Day comment, McDonald's workers strike in UK, economics of hurricanes, and...READ MORE

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On The Pursuit of Happiness: A 12-Step Program and Platform For Retrieving The American Dream


On The Pursuit of Happiness: A 12-Step Program and Platform For Retrieving The American Dream his declaration is the result of much discussion in a multigenerational group of women, the youngest in their 20s, the oldest in their 70s. Inspired by events that occurred at home and abroad during the last several months, we eschew personal claim to the ideas and positions set forth here, preferring to regard ourselves as equal participants in collective work whose door is open to comments, suggestions and critiques. Please know, however, that we do intend to finalize this “guide,” sooner than later, and go forward with a modest plan of action. Thank you, in advance, for your thoughts and reactions. We wholeheartedly welcome, and look forward to, your feedback.


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Economic Update: Addiction, Capitalism, and 12 Steps


On this week's show, Prof. Wolff provides updates on car loans, sales showing falsity of "recovery" claims, airline profits vs service, the G-20 meetings coordinate global austerity, July 4 and capitalism, and the...READ MORE


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Review of The Violent American Century


Review of The Violent American Century

John W. Dower. Chicago: Haymarket. 2017

The Violent American Century is important reading for Psychohistorians. It shows us the history of the militarists who dominate American thinking and spending. Dower exposes the hypocrisy in our claims of reducing violence worldwide. The book is especially important now that Trump is the commander in chief who casually mentions using nuclear bombs against North Korea and has added 60 billion dollars to our already bloated military budget. The new budget of $639 billion does not count huge expenditures on veterans medical and psychological care


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Economic Update: Human Nature and Capitalism


On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on California, Nevada steps toward universal medical insurance, Toronto housing bubble, Air Traffic Controllers and the privatization issue, US, Mexico fight over...READ MORE

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