Weinstein & The Long Lasting Implications of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Wealth, sociopathy and presidency: Why corporate media is force-feeding us the premise of a Bloomberg vs. Trump face-off


This article originally appeared at Alternet.org

Written by Bob Hennelly

As predicted in this space back in December, phase one of the Bloomberg 2020 media coronation is well underway.

The former Mayor of New York City has spent years funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to non-profits, cultural institutions, the academy, and political candidates. Now, it has paid off with a bumper crop of endorsements.

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Epstein: A Capitalist Saga - a Capitalism Hits Home Special Event


Epstein: A Capitalist Saga - Capitalism Hits Home Special Live Event

with Dr. Harriet Fraad and Julianna Forlano

Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work & Judson Memorial Church


Dr. Fraad talks about what happened with Jeffrey Epstein, how and why it could happen and the question of...READ MORE

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Capitalism Hits Home: Faith, Family and America's Future


[S2 E03] New

On this week's show, Dr. Fraad talks about why disciplining people to submit is crucial for authoritarian rule. There are three mechanisms three ideological state apparatuses in Althusser's terms. They are more powerful than the police and the army and far more effective at getting people tp submit to...READ MORE

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Capitalism Hits Home: Capitalism, Socialism and Communism - Part 3


[S2 E02]

Part 3 of 3

This podcast will define those different class arrangements of Capitalism, Socialism and Communism and how they...READ MORE

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