News from France that has not received attention here

First published in Tikkun Daily, October 13 2010.

On the 12th of October 2010, three and a half million people (the official French count) participated in demonstrations organized by the French trade unions. This is a record turnout. The media and the police recognizes that the demonstrations here are growing. There were 244 demonstrations around France this time as opposed to 230 on Sept 23. They kept up in spite of a huge effort by Sarcozy to sell raising the onset of early retirement for French retirees from 60 years old to 62. Sarcozy’s proposal raised the opposition higher. Students joined retirees and trade unionists. They closed schools around the nation. They are demonstrating against youth unemployment and the precariousness of their future. For many seniors new rules will prevent retirement until the age of 67. The transit sector unions are mobilized to strike. The government counted on the disaffection of masses of people inconvenienced by the demonstrations. However, 71% of the population is in full support of the demonstrations and strikes and 61% is in support of a continuing strike. Sarcozy’s ratings fell. 62% do not have confidence in Sarcozy as a leader. Bankers’ cheating and vast enrichment have been exposed in 2 high profile cases: one is of the owner of L’Oreal [the cosmetics company] who was caught bribing Sarcozy’s ministers and hiring a cabinet minister, Woerth, as her finance consultant. He advocated austerity for French workers while he counseled her to hide money off shore. The owner’s butler exposed the truth here. The next mobilizations are called for Oct. 16, 2010.

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